Reverse Arthritis and Pain Naturally: <br/><em>A Proven Approach to a Pain-free Life</em>

Don’t believe what your doctor is telling you about arthritis! Currently, more than 50 million adults in America suffer from arthritis. According to most conventional physicians, there is no way to prevent or reverse arthritis, and other lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. This is simply untrue. Yet, because of our ignorance, and the steadfast belief in disease management rather than disease prevention – held by many in our so-called modern “healthcare” system – millions of people are being subjected to an extremely painful and seemingly endless ritual of pharmaceutical and surgical based treatment programs. The result is more pain and disability than ever.
Reverse DJ.pdf, page 1 @ PreflightArthritis can be prevented, and even reversed, and in this book, you will be given the information and the tools that you can use to do just this. The epidemic of arthritis and chronic pain sweeping our nation today is unprecedented, but the evidence is clear on its primary cause – inflammation. While inflammation is a necessary and natural process in our body, prolonged inflammation due to years of exposure from poor food choices, environmental toxins, persistent stress, and the lack of adequate exercise and rest, among others, paves the way for chronic disease.
Your health is in your hands! Not only will this book provide you with an explanation of the causes of pain and arthritis, it will illuminate the numerous considerations required for us to reverse the tide of chronic disease plaguing us today. There are many forces working against your health today, including the actions of the medical and pharmaceutical industries—as well as the government agencies that benefit from colluding with them—that profit from our countries’ expanding states of disease. This book provides you a look at this problem and a protocol for living naturally and healthfully—free from the influence of these powerful influencers.
In truth, you are the only one who can change your health! Further, if you rely on your doctor to help you cure a lifestyle disease with medications and surgeries, studies indicate that your health will only decrease. The protocol for reversing and preventing arthritis, inflammation and pain presented in this book proved successful in a recent study of arthritis sufferers. In fact, 80% of the test subjects accomplished relief of symptoms in only four weeks! The freedom to enjoy a pain-free life is yours; you simply need to decide if you want it.
It may not surprise you to learn that arthritis is the most common cause of disability in the United States today. What may astonish you, however, is this: modern medical treatments (pills, injections and surgery) cannot cure arthritis and, more crucially, are almost certain to increase your chances of becoming an arthritis sufferer for life! In this eye-opening, informative book, Dr. Gary Null provides evidence to these facts while dispelling the commonly held myth that arthritis is a fait accompli of aging.


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